​​​​​​General Services​: This is an a la carte menu - pick and choose the pieces you want! Bundle prices are discounts and make good sense...
Getting you noticed*
(this is the easy stuff)
Creating social media/FaceBook identity (1x fee)
Maintaining Facebook presence (minimum 6 month contract @$40 month)
Posters/Flyers-hardcopy (for special events/live music) ($5 per poster-design/delivery)(price is a per month fee for 4 posters, 4x a month)$80
Website design  (2 pages-main page/photo gallery) (1x fee)
Website maintenance (1 year contract @$50 month.)
Building Your Reputation/Drawing a Crowd
(just how much do you want to grow your reputation as THE place to go? 
Booking shows/Gig negotiations (per month fee) (minimum 6 month contract required)
Monthly advertisement in local "scene" publications, websites and groups (per month fee) (other charges apply based on advertising rate of selected publications) (minimum 6 month contract required)$100
Capturing photo, audio & video clips of special events/bands (per event fee)
Promotional/Special events organization

can Ya dig it?

How do you promote your business?  Facebook?  Magazine Ads?  Hiring Bands?  Hosting events?  Have you entrusted these activities to a manager or favorite bartender only to have them move on and you're left trying to figure out what they have and haven't done?  Do you try to manage all of this yourself?  With as much as you have on your plate as an owner/operator?  Fix that... Let the team at Winding River Promotions help... so you can focus on your other lines of business... and you'll see good results!   Call 352-442-7293

Recommendation for initial 6 month package:

  • Facebook page designed and maintained for 6 months
  • 6 month schedule of bands on the books
  • Local ads published in "scene" magazines* in local media publications and on various event websites and group pages

Your cost?  $1,490* a year

paid at a rate of $240 a month.../$60 a week

watch your business grow and your monthly bottom line increase well beyond this cost!

* magazine advertising rates not included in monthly price