What Winding River Promotions offers:

  • Band Management
  • Event Organization
  • Our own annual Blues for Food Festival
  • Bookings
    • Gigs for bands
    • Bands for venues
    • Venues for events
    • Bands for events (gigs!)

  • Promotions for
    • Bands
    • Musicians
    • Venues
    • Events

Winding River Promotions 
Spring Hill, Florida
Annette Doying


​​​Winding River Promotions is dedicated to ensuring respectable treatment of and fair compensation for musicians, venue owner/operators, vendors, sponsors and fans.

​​​​​What does it mean to be a promoter?  According to music.careers.com, Promoters do just what their name suggests -they promote live shows.  But more than just promoting the show, promoters also organize shows and book the bands.  The basic duties of a promoter are to secure a venue for a show, promote the show via the media, work with the bands, sponsors, vendors and others to make sure all the show needs are covered (PA system, lighting, safety, vendors, etc.) and ensure that it is a good, well organized event. 

The promoter is responsible for covering the venue costs, the costs of promotion and production, band fees, permitting, licenses, and all other expenses related to the event.  Promoters can, and do, hope to recoup these costs from the show income.  Some promoters put on shows for the love of it and actually end up spending more than they make.  

Winding River Promotions' business model focuses on putting together musical events which are a win-win for everyone involved.  If attendees, musicians, venue owners, vendors and sponsors all walk away saying "wow, what a great time!", then we've done our job.  

Winding River Promotions partners with the Toro Marketing Group for social media marketing via their websites www.SpringHillNow.com and www.HernandoDailyNews.com 

​Other media partners include Hits106 f.m., 88.5 WMNF f.m., WWJB  1450 a.m., Tampa Bay Times, TBO.com, Nature Coast TV, Bay News 9, Scootergoods Magazine and Creative Loafing Magazine.